Family. Assorted family photographs from 2000 through the present. This gallery was last updated on July 19, 2001.
Teacups make me dizzy
Teacups make me dizzy. Pictures of friends and roommates during President's Day Weekend, February 17-19, 2001.
E3 1999
E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), 1999. Photos and commentary about the show, the exhibits, and Pokemon. It's poketastic fun! Pages use ultra-collectible old-school layout. Collect all 37!


Coming soon. Snowflakes. A small page featuring the various snowmen, complete with various photographs and art. Not to be confused with actual snowmen you make yourself, which are very cold and much larger.
Why I graduated so late. Although I started school in 1991, and have been working for five and a half years, my degree is from 1999. The story behind this is a little confusing and I was afraid I'd have a hard time explaining it, so I made a web page. And a chart. And you probably couldn't care less.


Media 1
This issue: Musical stylings of Amon Tobin, a lot of sitting around staring at your own corpse in Counter-Strike


About Fictional
Coming soon. What is Weblogs explained for the uninitiated. A graphic history of this site. And: Other sites vaguely like fictional.
About the author. An old page about me, containing very little personal information but a couple of photos, including my fiance and myself, and some snowmen, and some comic books, and not a whole lot of substance. Although I do say a lot of nice things about my fiance which are all absolutely true. Honestly.