Teacups make me ill/President's Day Weekend 2001.

Here's a bunch of pictures from the weekend of February 17-19. Since I had to work, I stayed at home. My friends and roommates went to southern california and all I got was this lousy pack of photos. To scan, no less. But that's ok, because apparently it rained, people didn't get enough sleep, and to top it all off, they all rode the teacups.

This is where, because I am hosting the pictures, I get to hold people hostage for a moment and mention that I don't like riding the teacups at Disneyland because it makes me dizzy and disoriented. Or as Nicole would say, spun. Hence the title of this gallery, for which no better name was suggested prior to it going online.

On with the pictures. In random order. By the way, if you notice the pictures have artifacts, that's because they're actual printed photographs that have been physically scanned. And Mike took a lot of pictures in the dark, which doesn't compress well into jpegs. Also, Dave didn't actually go, but he was on the same roll of film, and hey, it's a particularly flattering picture.