Search Engines, Portals, and Meta-Informative Sites

  • Google The best search engine right now.
  • Altavista What I usually use, because I don't care enough to use the very best.
  • Yahoo Web email and web directory. Also maps and directions which are sometimes inaccurate.
  • Great for getting directions between places or finding businesses, but sometimes inaccurate, like Yahoo maps.
Entertaining Content
  • The Straight Dope Answers for all of your questions.
  • The Onion It's still funny. Mostly.
  • The Fray If you're looking for real life stories with commentary, The Fray is for you. If you're looking for a small chunk of meat on a stick, you'd be wanting a corn dog.
  • The web site of my friend (and a talented photographer and 3D animator), Mike "Harlock" Massee. Note: Not suitable for those under 18 years of age.
  • Derek Powazek is legendary in the web community. He also contributed to Blogger, which powers part of this site.
  • The web site of another friend, Mary...uh...whatever her last name is. It's not Quite Contrary. I'm pretty sure of that.
  • The web site of an old friend who I've done a lousy job of keeping in touch with, Katie Miranda.
  • The ISP for goths! No, not really.
  • The ISP for prisoners! No, not really.
  • The ISP for software! No, not really.
  • The ISP for...he! Hurricane Electric. Despite annoying ads, they're a great isp.
  • Cafe Babylon My friends owned it. It died. I'm sad.
  • The #Vidgames Homepage I hang out on IRC a lot on this channel.
Video Game News
  • Gaming Age Many of these guys hang out on #Vidgames.
  • Magic Box Lots of rumors which turn out to be false, but also lots of news from Japan.
  • Lots of reviews of games that haven't been released yet. They seem to be attempting to become slightly less underground.
  • IGN PC One of like twelve billion IGN sites. Just go to this one and link to the systems you actually care about.
  • CNET Gamecenter I never really frequented this site.