May 12, 13 and 14. Los Angeles. It's a surly carnival of video game freaks, a show of epic proportions where vendors hawk everything from the latest first person shooter to the cool new Playstation RPGs to cute Pokemon toys and games to disturbingly realistic handgun controllers. Every year, video game developers, software companies, hardware companies, and press swarm through tangled jungles of metal and phosphor, peering over the latest beta software that could become next Christmas's must-have gift item.. With no kids allowed (18 or older please, trade event only!), E3 could be best described as "Las Vegas as envisioned by Shigeru Miyamoto."

I had the fortune of attending E3 this year, and soaked up the dizzying array of experiences with my eyes, ears, and camera. Take a look. (More galleries coming soon, stay tuned.)

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