Family photographs

As I write this, I've finished digging through my files for old photographs taken on my old Kodak DC220 digital camera. Some of these photographs were of family, from the holidays, and some are from our family trip to Monterey, CA in the summer of 2000. Over time I hope to add to the photographs displayed here for my entire family to enjoy. If you ever get lonely, just look at these pictures of my own family and pretend they're yours. Since we're all so unique, chances are you'd fit right in. (Note: You don't need to pretend if you are actually one of my relatives.)

I'd also like to mention that I don't have many photographs of my extended family here yet -- but I love you all just as much! Don't worry, I'll be adding more photos soon.

For a list of who is in each picture, from left to right, hold the mouse over the thumbnail for a few seconds.

Kevin (my brother), Shaye (my sister), Susan (Mom), Alex (yours truly), Nicole (soon to be Mrs. yours truly) Shaye, Allen (Dad), Alex Alex,Shaye,My Dog (not actually my dog -- my mom's dog. But it's named My Dog.) Kevin, Shaye, 'My [Mom's] Dog', Alex
Mom, Shaye Kevin, Alex Alex, Mom, Nicole, Shaye, Kevin Shaye, Mom
Janice (my Stepmom), Dad